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Whether you have pests at your business or home, we have a service for you. Bugs No More services are available, as needed, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or once per year.

Web Removal & Prevention

At Bugs No More, we specialize in web removal and prevention services tailored specifically for marinas. Understanding the unique challenges faced by marinas, including the preservation of older buildings and water vessels, our processes are designed to be safe, effective, and environmentally friendly. We’re committed to keeping your marina pristine and web-free, ensuring that both the charm of historical structures and the integrity of vessels are meticulously preserved. Trust us to safeguard your marina’s beauty and functionality with our specialized care.

Residential Pest Control

One of your biggest financial investments is your home. In Texas, termites cost homeowners hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Without a proper residential pest control solution you could become one of those homeowners who has to spend countless dollars to repair problems caused by termites or pests. Carpenter ants can destroy your rafters and require routine inspection to observe activity and timely treatment. These insects commonly enter a home via the roof in contact with tree limbs.

Residential Lawn Treatment

Brown Patch is a common lawn fungus that requires quick treatment to prevent widespread damage that may require new growth to cover. Call for a free inspection and estimate before serious damage occurs.

A healthy lawn with proper fertilization, mowing, and irrigation is the best way to keep weeds at bay. Chemical weed controllers, or herbicides, can help prevent new seedlings from invading.
Weed control is most successful when done before plants are established, however, proper herbicides can be used to control weeds once they have been identified. Shredding or mowing promotes multiple sprouts and seldom kills problem woody plants.

Texas Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Discover the ultimate solution for pest problems with Bugs No More Commercial Pest Control services. Our unparalleled expertise has earned the trust of esteemed clients, such as restaurants, Corps of Engineers, public schools, public housing, and Somerville Dam and campgrounds. Say goodbye to bugs and embrace an unmatched level of pest control excellence.

Need an Inspection?

We offer free inspections & estimates to ensure that our clients receive the very best solutions and results. Don’t let unwanted pests ruin your day, call Bugs No More!

Pest Control & Extermination

One of your biggest financial investments is your home or business. Call for a free inspection and estimate or a Wood Destroying Insect Report before you buy.

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